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Expectations of Your Wedding DJ

Reliable and On-Time

Your wedding is our number one priority. We have backup DJs in case anything should happen to your DJ. Your wedding happens once in a lifetime and there is no margin for error. We have an extensive network of wedding professionals we can call on even if one of your other vendors backs out at the last minute.

Your personal wedding DJ will be there at least one hour before the start of your event to setup and to coordinate with all of your wedding professionals ensuring the team supporting the biggest day of your life is running as smooth as possible.


Your wedding DJ is exactly that, an experienced wedding specialist who has proven themselves by excelling to the highest performance and service standards. Your personal wedding DJ will have at least 3 years of experience, we keep our staff small to ensure the highest level of attention and personlization possible. This experience pays off in case anything should happen by being able to quickly deal with problems as they arise so it is invisible to guests and the bride and groom. We work as part of your wedding professional team helping out in any area of need to ensure the highest quality wedding possible.

High Quality Wedding Entertainment 

You will have the highest quality wedding entertainment for your wedding. From the very start of your event your DJ will work to ensure your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Your personal wedding DJ will play music that is appropriate and fits within your vision of your day that includes everyone.

Yor DJ will work with you to come up with the best timeline for your reception. Including all of the right music played at exactly the right time. Most weddings can be viewed as a circle in determining the music for the evening. Starting out with all the guests right after dinner is a good time to play a variety of songs that every age group is familiar with and can dance too. This ensures that older guests that may not stay through the entire reception have a chance to dance. As the evening progresses moving into more of a mix of 80's, 90's and modern music. For the last set of the night is a good time to bring back songs that are familiar to a wide age range so everyone is back on the dance floor as the reception closes. This approach works really well ensuring that everyone gets a chance to dance and hear music that they can identify with.


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Wedding Traditions and Their History

To create a truly personal and unique wedding care must be given to choosing what wedding traditions you would like to follow and thinking of ones that you might like to create and use for yourself. Below are an assortment of wedding traditions and history of their importance and how they came to be.

The Engagement Ring
This tradition stems back to classical times when it was thought that the fourth finger on the left hand contained the “vena amoris” or the “vein of love”. The idea of the engagement is attributed to the Catholics in 1215 when the Pope called for a longer time between betrothel and marriage. Basic rings of gold, silver or iron were used and gems were incorporated over the years. Gems were reserved for the aristocracy and eventually made their way into the middle class.

One tradition follows that rings should use the birthstones of the bride and her parents (on the left) and the groom and his parents (on the right). It would follow mothers on the outside, fathers on the inside and the bride and groom adjacent in the center.

De Beers is credited today with popularizing the diamond engagement ring instilling “A Diamond Is Forever” into the hearts of young men and women everywhere standardizing the diamond engagement ring in the middle of the 20th century. The first diamond engagement ring ever given was by Arch Duke Maximillian to Mary of Burgundy in 1477.

Diamond engagement rings used to only be popular in the United States and parts of Europe until WWII when soldiers who were in Japan met many of their wives there. Through the mixing of cultures and many Japanese women who received diamond engagement rings from their GI fiancés, led to the adoption of diamond engagement rings in Japanese culture.

Escorting guests, which arm should be used?
When a man is escorting his partner tradition has it that men offer their left arm. This originated from medieval times when men escorted women around town and through the fields. If danger were to arise, or their honor disgraced the men would have easy access to their sword to defend their escort’s honor. Today the tradition holds true at the ceremony and at the reception.

Garter Toss
The garter is traditionally worn by the bride on her right leg above the knee. The garter is removed by the groom at the reception and thrown to the all of the single men in the room, the person who catches the garter is thought to be the next to marry. Many brides will keep one for themselves and for their husband to remove in private later, while a throwaway or themed garter is given at the reception.

The tradition is that having a piece of a bride’s clothing is good luck. It used to be that as the bride and groom would leave guests would grab a piece of her dress for good luck. Grooms and families grew angry that others were ruining and nearly taking all of the brides clothes off and over time brides gave away the garter and other items their reception to bestow the brides luck upon others. To stop others from attempting to get the garter off themselves the tradition of the groom removing the garter at the reception was started.

Bouquet Toss
Associated with the garter toss, the bouquet toss was created as brides were considered lucky and were one of the giveaway items that brides could give to the women at the wedding reception as a symbol of good luck. The idea is that as she gives it away the lucky person to catch it would be the next to marry.

The Toast
Generally as a message of goodwill, toasting someone with a drink is a sign of good luck.

Ancient Greek culture had a fear of poisoning and to accomodate this fear at large gatherings the host would pour glasses of wine for his guests from the same decanter and then take a first drink and toast everyone to show that the wine was suitable for drinking and guests would follow.

The actual term “toast” was also gathered from this time when pieces of toasted bread would be dipped in the wine to reduce the acidity and make it suitable for drinking. There are 3 components to an official toats. It starts with the verbalization or the reason for the toast, why they are making a toast, and what the purpose of it is.
Agreement soon follows after verbalization of the toast is made when everyone or members agree to the toast that it reflects their own personal wishes. It is a sign that everyone is bringing their own good wishes to the toast. The clanking of the glasses is to be done with eyes locked to symbolize the purity behind a toast, not looking someone in the eye while clinking glasses is showing a lack of trust and brings bad luck.

Shortly following is imbibing, taking the drink symbolizes the sanctity of the toast and conferring the toast upon the toastee. It is viewed as bad luck to toast with an empty glass. Not actually drinking from the glass or leaving the toast is considered disrespectful and bad luck.

If more than two toasts are given, most of the time with weddings, the second toast should have a different focus or a different purpose than the first toast. This is normally taken care of by the best man chiding the groom, the bridesmaid chiding the bride and then together reassuring their commitment to their marriage and that they wish good luck and good will upon them.

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue”
Something old symbolizes perpetuity and longevity both excellent qualities in a marriage.

Something new represents optimism, happiness, and a fresh start into the future.

Something borrowed represents using family and friends to help you in your relationship to each other and that having a strong family and friend connection in your marriage is key to each other happiness and strength of marriage. Never being afraid to ask for help when needed.

Blue has since classical times represented purity, faithfulness, love and good luck. Blue is characterized is strong steadfast and steady all of the things marriage is based off of. Brides used to wear something blue, or a blue ring at the bottom of their dress to symbolize the power of blue in their future.

The Best Man and Bridesmaid
Around 2 A.D. it was customary to marry someone in your town or community. When communities were small and the choices locally weren’t up to your standards the man would ride off to another community  to find and kidnap a bride. The best man served to help fight off other suitors or the father of the bride so that his friend was able to succeed acquiring a bride.

Bridesmaids originated around the same time, these women would help the bride perepare for her wedding and make sure that she got to the church in time.

These roles started out as one person, but it is acceptable to have groomsman and bridesmaids to assist the Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor help the couple prepare for their wedding day.

The Veil
Started in the US in the 1700’s it’s coupled in meaning with the wedding dress being white it represents purity while the veil over the brides face represents modesty.

The Honeymoon
Associated with the tradition of the best man and the bridesmaid, when a groom would go off to capture his bride when a suitable mate could not be found in his own community, he would leave with his bride and hide for a week and while they would try to get pregnant. On return from the honeymoon they would have to get married as was customary with the bride who was now pregnant. Today couples opt for a trip to Hawaii or Tahiti as opposed to running away from friends and family.

Wedding Cake
The romans have a lot of say in American culture and for many of the roots of our tradition and language. The cakes tradition color of white represented purity, success, and good luck. It’s embellishments are symbol that the couple will have along and happy marriage together. Associated with the garter and bouquet toss it is another way the bride and groom can bestow their luck upon guests as they together cut the cake with a single knife and give away the cake to their friends to be eaten.

Wedding Dress
Vera Wang, Jessica McClintock and the bridal magazines weren’t the first to create the tradition of the wedding dress. It originates from 1499 when the dress was created to represent purity, virginity, and pure mind and thought. These were regarded as extremely important for brides and only the bride was able to wear a white dress on her wedding day to symbolize this.

The Train
Not the dance made popular in the ‘90’s by the Quad City Boys, this garment attaches to the end of the brides dress. The train to those in the Victorian era was a symbol of status to the family of the bride and the status of the marriage. The higher the stature the longer the train. Many modern weddings involving royalty will have very long trains attached to the wedding dress to symbolize their higher stature in society.

Believe what you will of these traditions, hopefully the explanations will help you you decide what to include as part of your own personal traditions. There is no “one-size-fits” all for a wedding and it's up to the bride and groom to decide these in accordance to their personal wedding journey. 

The Experience

Your wedding is one of the biggest events you'll ever plan. Inviting the right high quality DJ to insure your day is perfect is an important decision, but shouldn't cause you any extra stress. We'll work hand in hand with you to ensure your wedding--and the planning experience--are what you've always dreamed of.

Personal and Unique

Your wedding reception should be personal and unique, it should tell the story of you and your fiancee, your family and friends. Picking songs that mean something to you as a couple and your family, incorporating special traditions and focusing attention on the beginning of your lives together creates a truly magical and memorable reception. We tailor our services and style to reflect your unique needs to help make your wedding day perfect.

We'll be 5 minutes ahead of you at the reception, making sure you are in the right place at the right time looking your best. You should enjoy the reception and we do everything we can so you can do that. We'll coordinate with all of your other wedding professionals so the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying the reception and the time with your family and friends.

You'll create a "Must Play" and "DO NOT PLAY!!!" list to ensure that you hear (and don't hear) exactly the right music. We'll provide you with music lists to help you in choosing the perfect music for your wedding. Feel free to be as hands on or hands off as you would like, our goal is to make sure all of your guests have a memorable evening that reflects your personality and tastes as a couple.

Specialized Wedding DJs

Getting a DJ who know knows the area and knows your reception site is very important. We have worked at many of the best locations in the Northern California, know the staff at the reception sites and have worked with many of the best wedding vendors in the area. This ensures that your DJ will have the experience and knowledge to tailor their performance to utilize the venue as best as possible and ensure your wedding is flawless.
What We Offer

For every wedding we perform at we offer the following included in every reception.

* Planning materials, History of Wedding Traditions and an in person consultation
* Acquiring any special music requests
* Access to our music library of over 30,000 songs spanning the 30's to the most recent music
* Fully insured
* Backup equipment and backup DJ's available in case anything should occur
* Experience, hundreds of weddings performed to date
* Day of Coordination and planning with all the other wedding vendors
* Working with you to create a Must-Play and DO-NOT-PLAY lists
* Tasteful and Elegant looking setups, no walls of speakers or messy wires
* Matching the right DJ to your specific needs (you meet and work exclusively your personal DJ)
* Arriving at least an hour before the start time to make sure everything is setup with time to spare

Ron Magleo, owner of The Mix Master, has been a very successful Wedding Entertainer and Night Clubs Dj for the past 20 years. Today he employs a large staff of talented, trained DJ's that can entertain for all types of special occasions. 
Ron have added The Mix Master Limousine division over 15 years ago a fleet of 15 Luxury Limousines and now quickly becoming well known in the California region. Ron Magleo provides the latest models of Limousine

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Justin Dryer Senior Dj Entertainer has been a resident Dj for 12 years. He's a hight energy Dj that loves to entertain  guest with his group dances example: Chicken Dance,Electric Slide,Soulja Boys,Cupid Shuffle and more. Being a high energy Dj he is also Club Dj. for Sacramento and Bay Area Clubs.
David VanDyke has been a Full-time Dj & Emcee for The Mix Master for over 9 years. David's responsibilities include Performing at Weddings Corporate Parties and events of all types.David brings industry leading customer service experience to the Entertainment business. 
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Dana believes that the DJ and Accommodations Industries have many similarities.  Dana combines his customer service experience with his ability to read a crowd to provide an overall experience that is ground breaking is the region.  
Dana has a true love for music, and a natural ability to create a romantic atmosphere that will leave you and your guests with the positive and lasting memories you desire.
London started his career as a  Dj with The Mix Master. 8 yrs ago.
The job was an introduction to a fun way to connect with a mass of people, something that London has always enjoyed.  Over the years of providing entertainment to corporate parties and weddings of various styles and levels of interaction and complexity, he has found a way to really put his talents to work for the benefit of others.  
"The best part of being a DJ is the opportunity to have fun with a lot of people that are receptive to a variety of musical styles and interactive, fun activities.  
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